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Religious and Moral Education

Course Information:

S1-2 Broad General Education - Core

S3 - Broad General Education - Core

Scotland is a nation which reflects a wide range of beliefs, values and traditions. Religious and Moral Education enables children and young people to explore the world’s major religions and to be challenged by these different beliefs and values. The study of Christianity, which has shaped the history and traditions of Scotland and continues to exert an influence on national life, is an essential feature of RME for all children and young people.  This is developed further in S3 further by considering approaches to living which are independent of religious belief.  In core RME the aim is to help support children and young people in developing responsible attitudes to other people, their own values and their capacity for moral judgement. In order to do this the pupils are undertaking a stand-alone unit called Morality and Belief at National 3/4 level focusing on Medical Ethics.

S4-6 - Senior Phase - Pupil Choice

RMPS - National 3/4/5, Higher and Advanced Higher, for further information - click here


Ewan Sargent - Faculty Principal Teacher

Grace Cook

Isabel Wilson